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Pathogenes Newsletter January 2023

The polyneuritis equi (PNE) field study has almost reached enrollment, but we need a few more horses. If you know anyone with a horse that can be enrolled you will qualify for our Amazon Gift card program. The Gift Card program will be extended through March 2023. Read the blog for more information.

It is important to get FDA approval for our PNE treatment because there are currently no licensed treatments for PNE. Dozens of horses die each year from lack of effective treatment and general lack of knowledge about treating this disease. At the completion and acceptance of the PNE field study by FDA we will fulfill the requirements for acceptance of our IND. The Freedom of Information summary and the studies used to support approval will be available on line including pivotal, toxicology, safety, and field effectiveness studies. It took veterinarians, horse owners, and horses to help us reach this goal, a licensed medication for treating the clinical signs of PNE. By supporting our research these folks will get a VIP status. A VIP status will make testing support and consultation services available at no cost. Additionally, we commit to providing a base level access to the licensed medication to VIP horses.

The year 2022 brought more understanding by veterinarians and horse owners about the effects of sarcocystosis, infection by S. neurona. We were able to teach many that antibodies are protective and serum antibodies against S. neurona is not EPM! We taught veterinarians that detecting antibodies against myelin protein in the serum by our tests is useful and how to interpret those tests. Please submit an entry to our horse photo contest! We are looking for the right image for our 2023 campaign. Please send your jpeg to the study monitor at pathogenes.

Have you read our eBooks? They are available on Amazon. Send us your comments about the eBook to enter our rewards program.


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